"He says the sun was yellow. Then, when he was a baby, the People were taken inside. They lived inside walls and under ceilings. He says the People were brought here before I was born."


The Tudejsa was a sub-species of humanity that existed after the Human-Forerunner War. It was described as a species of black human, most likely the descendants of modern day African Americans and Aboringinals. Their name in ancient human translates into "The People." They most likely became extinct or like previously said, split into yet again, two sub-sub-species of African American and Aboringinals.


Human Forerunner WarEdit

After the Conclusion of the Human-Forerunner War, the human race was split into 120 different sub-species and deevolved to Tier 7. The People as their name is translated, are a race of humans were dark black skin, confirming their relation to today's African Americans and Aboringinals. They were very similiar to modern day humanity.

A small chunk of their populace was taken to Installation 07 for testing to find a immunity to the Flood. Alot died, but many managed to survive the experiments. The species outlived many of the other ones, and eventually came out on top alongside the Chamanane. They were able migrate out of Africa and began colonizing the planet in 9,000 BCE. Many Tudejsa decided to move to America and some stayed in Africa, but a large portion also moved to Australia (long before the arrival of Captain Cook). Some even moved to Asia.


The Tudejsa are described as having very dark skin and had very high intelligence. They were also excellent craftsman and workers, and were able to make a portable city on Installation 07 during their time in imprisonment there. Vinnevra, a notable Tudejsa was described as having a chin, making her species connection with the Chamanane almost evident. She also had the intelligence of a modern human scientist (most likely because of her teachings from Gamelpar) and could easily work equations from her head in seconds.

Immigration to the Outside WorldEdit

After centuries of reevolution, the Tudejsa recovered from the halo activation and, along with the Chamanane, they left their African home, and moved to many other modern nations, such as America, Australia, Asia and sometimes, even staying at their current home. The Tudejsa would eventually break up to become the African Americans, Asians and Aboringinies.


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