The Third World War was one of the most horrific conflicts in Human history. It started what would be the collapse of Communism, the disarmament of NATO, and the dawn of Earth's space colonization age.

It was one of the first Nuclear conflicts in human history, and was the worst war in human history (second to the Human-Covenant War) easily eclipsing the Second World War. It was estimated the fatalties numbered in the billions and was the darkest era in human times.

It begun on April 3, 2024 and ended on December 25, 2034.

Third World War


Australian Civil War


China-Korean War, Korean Uprising, French and German Nuclear War, Russo-Australian War.


The Interplanetary War

World War III


April 3, 2024


December 25, 2034




UN Victory: Severe Nuclear Fallout, catastrophic fatalities, massive economical damage, decommissioning of NATO, Official illegality of Nuclear weaponry.


The UN: US, Israeli Republic, NATO, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy and Greece. The Communists: Russia, Korea, France, Egypt, Syria, Iran, China India, Great Britain.


UN: ISAF, USAF, US Army Rangers, Fleet Admiral Syrius Cline, NATO HIGHCOM, UN High Command, Australian command. The Communists: Russian High Command, SVR HIGHCOM, Fleet Maltov Kalistski. Kim Jong Ill.


The UN: NATO Armed Forces, NATO Navy,US Army Rangers, US Marine Corps, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Australian Air Force, Australian Navy, Australian Army, Israeli AirForce, Israeli Shayetet 13, US Navy SEALs, US Delta Force, Israeli Army, Israeli Navy, CIA etc.The Communists: Russian Army, Russian Navy, Russian Air Force, Korean Armed Forces, Korean Army, Korean Air Force, Korean Navy, French Army, French Naval Commandos, French Navy, French Air Force, SVR, SAS, Mi-6, etc.


The UN: 600 million civilian and 300 million military fatalities. The Communists: 700 million civilian and 500 million military fatalities.


Mass reconstruction, UN armament and NATO decommissioning, Mass Nuclear Fallout in Berlin, Paris, Volgorod, New York City, Brisbane, Jerusalem and London. Russia's and Korea's permanent demilitarization. Illegality of Nuclear Weapons, invention of the MAC Cannon, invention of space borne warships, discovery of other worlds, devastating fatalities, mass worldwide deformation.


Declaration of War (2024)Edit

During the time around the end of 2023, Russia was just finishing the construction of 56 "Griffin" (Russian nickname for "spaceships") launch facilities all over the world for preparation of their surprise invasion of the United States. The US learned of the launch facility in Cuba, and sent a assault force to secure it.