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This is me and my friends! the founders of this wikia!Edit

I, HarryPotterLover or as my real name is, AlphaNova117 am the main founder of HaloHistory and Gaming! Like I said I'm the MAIN Founder. The others are WafflesLOL911, WikedMike, LiamsStunts and Ashlo398Soccer. So those are the founders, my best friends. I am Jewish, I live in Israel. So if you think I'm some weirdo and lunatic, then prepare to be banned. Bungie you are awesome! I love your games, so that's why I'm making this site. I am at nthe moment living in Austraila, Victoria. My Friends and I made this Wikia a reality, but I'm doing most of the work. Bungie, you are awesome and I wish you could do more halo games and keep the franchise going. But, alas you are moving on Halo: Reach was a great way to end the halo series. It was immense and I might make a page on it. Anyway, this is AlphaNova117. I hope you enjoy this wikia!

The IdeaEdit

The Idea of making this wika came from my friends, the founders. It took alot of time to conjure up a Email Address for me, but I eventually got one and now, well, heres the wikia. It's a Damn good wikipedia that I love working on and I hope it can get a whole community editing it. Bungie, I hope can also edit it if they wish. So Enjoy this wonderful site. If you want to see why I love Bungie and their games so much, visit my Bungie Page! If you want to get straight into halo, then feel free to browse. I will take your comments seriously and will take any suggestions you give me that might improve and make this site more interesting. Anyway, I might as well start making this wikia public, get a community and some editors, see you around.