"Themes, moods and even the duration of these pieces will change and adapt with each player's Halo experience. I took the liberty of remixing and rearranging all the music in order to make listening to the Soundtrack more enjoyable."

--Martin O'Donnel

The Halo Combat Evolved Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the video game "Halo Combat Evolved" and remixed in "Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary." It was composed by Michael Salvatori and Martin O'Donnel.


1.Opening Suite

2.The Truth and Reconciliation Suite

3.Brothers In Arms

4. Enough Dead Heroes

5.Perilous Journey

6. A Walk in the Woods

7. Ambient Wonder

8. The Gun Pointed At the Head of the Universe

9. Trace Amounts

10. Under Cover of Night

11. What Once Was Lost

12. Lament For Pvt.Jenkins

13. Devils...Monsters...

14. Covenant Dance

15. Alien Corridors

16. Rock Anthem For Saving the World

17. The Maw

18. Drumrun

19. On A Pale Horse

20. Perchance To Dream

21. Library Suite

22. The Long Run

23. Suite Autumn

24. Shadows

25. Dust and Echoes

26. Halo.

Easter Eggs, Sketches and Lost TracksEdit

  • The Siege of Madrigal (Easter Egg)
  • The Lost Muse (Not on OST)
  • In the Club (Not on OST)
  • Love and a Piano (Sketch)
  • Clap Your Hands, Say Eh (Seriously) (Sketch)
  • Familiar Themes (Sketch)
  • Knockin Beats (What) (Sketch)
  • Pomp, Circumstance (Sketch)
  • Were Gonna Watch Tron Tonight? (Sketch)
  • old_stuff (sketch)


  • Many pieces from this soundtrack was implemented into Halo 2, Halo 3 and CEA but was remixed.
  • One piece of music, heard on the level "Assault on the Control Room" can be heard but isn't in the soundtrack. It is called the Lost Muse, but fans call it the Lost Song.


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