The Denisovians are a sub-species of humanity that was created post-Human-Forerunner War. It had existed in caves in modern-day Siberia. Most of the species was taken to Installation 07 to be experimented on to find a cure to the Flood. They all died. The race eventually became extinct in 50,000 BCE, 50,000 years after Halo's activation.





Chocolate-Brown Skin, Reddish Hair, Square Head.





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Post WarEdit

After the Conclusion of the Human-Forerunner War, the human was deevolved to Tier 7 and further punished by being split into sub-species, one of these Denisovians. They were one of the many of the 120 sub-species but were most related to Homo Sapien and Homo Neandathalis. They became extinct an unknown amount of years ago, but was presumably 50,000 BCE when compeitition with the Tudejsa, Humanane and Chamanane became to much for them. A notable Denisovian, Kirimt was gathered from Erde-Tyrene and taken to Installation 07 along with other Hamanane, Chamanane, Denisovians and Tudejsa. He did not survive the experiments but his conscience was placed in a Monitor.


They are described with having chocolate-brown skin, reddish hair and a square head. The males had abundant facial hair. They were pretty tall but were not very intelligent, with their skull being extremely small. They mostly resided on Erde-Tyrene, in Siberia but a large amount of their populace was moved to Installation 07 for experimentation to find a immunity to the Flood. This failed, with all subjects becoming infected and only a select few made it to monitorhood.


The Denisovians died out presumably in 50,000 BCE when they came into compeition with the other surviving Sub-species of the time, Chamanane, Tudejsa, Hamanane, Homo Neandathalis and Homo Erectus. They became the weakest out of the six, and eventually died out. Evidence of their existence did not come to light until 2003, when bones were found in caves in Siberia. Their bones were found to be different from the bones of other long extinct sub-species and were confirmed to be from a completely undiscovered species.

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