The Chamanune (Homo sapiens by current human scientists and Chamanush by Forerunners) are a sub-species of human created after the Human-Forerunner War. They were one of the most successful human sub-species and would outlive all the other sub-species and become the modern human race. It is speculated that could either be Homo erectus or Homo sapiens but Chakas, a notable member of this race was described of having a chin, a trait not visible on any other sub-species but Homo sapiens.


"Homo Sapien"




Modern-Day Human





Notable Individuals:

Chakas, The Matriarch of Touring

Other Nomenclature

Chamanune, Homo Sapien, Wise Man, Chamanush


Human DeevolutionEdit

After the conclusion of the Human-Forerunner War, all Humans on Charum Hakkor and other human colonies once part of the powerful First Human Intergalactic Empire were dumped on Erde-Tyrene and deevolved to Tier 7. As further punishment, they were split into 120 different sub-species of human. One of the most notable ones are the Chamanune or Homo Sapien as modern day scientists calls them.

Chamanune are the exact same as modern-day humans. They are the building blocks for us today. They and the Tudejsa are the only two sub-species not to go extinct and to eventually become modern-day man. One notable Chamanune by the name of Chakas was a thug living in the human city of Marontik who stole possessions from fellow human beings. This is typical behaviour of a Chamanune, which is why the Forerunners hate them so much. They have a violent nature and engage in selfish ideals. Like other humans, they are injected with a Geas, which reminds them of their violent nature.


The Chamanune share the exact same characteristics as a modern day Human being. However, they had the ability to live until the age of 310. However, this trait would later die off as Humanity began to adapt to it's surroundings and immigrated to other continents outside of Africa.

Survival of the FittestEdit

The Chamanune along with the Tudejsa were the last sub-species to exist as of 6,000 BCE when the Neandathals finally went extinct. They immigrated outside of Africa, establishing footholds in America, Europe, Asia, and other continents residing all over the planet.


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